Georgia gas-station DVDs, like a scene from a racialized, porny Repo Man


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Don’t buy the interracial porn (the other yellow wrapper)! It’s a trap! You take that to the counter and 3 guys spring up behind you to beat you with tire irons.

Remember Georgia is where Larry Flynt was shot.


“Ah, say, ah, say, that’s misconsanguination there, boyh!”


So they’re all $5.99? That’s pretty cheap for porn.

I think.


It’s free on the interwebs.

I think?


And there is so much of it! It makes me wonder how it can be a successful business model?


IKR. I think it boils down to 1) better looking and/or famous people and 2) certain specified weird niches.


Come on, people. Read the reddit thread. First, it was one gentleman, selling homemade porn apparently starring himself and other local talent, and second, since when is Chattanooga in Georgia?

I’ve visited many fine rural convenience stores in Georgia, and I’ve never seen such a porn display. This is definitely a Tennessee thing. You would never see the like in Georgia. Never.



I wonder how the midget porn is packaged?


Wow, did that rooster from my childhood really say that?


Apparently they shun the alternative life style porn in Georgia. But according to all web traffic statistics the South is the largest purchasers of LGBTQ porn in the USA.

that so hard to believe… & understand… this early in the morning… on a Wednesday…


Why is this surprising? It’s the thrill of the forbidden. Highly racialized porn is a big seller in racist communities, while I myself find it boring and weird. Why do you suppose it was David Vitter in those diapers and not an ordinary baby?


It would be weird if the guy behind the counter was the same as the guy in the videos. How would you ever make eye contact, or accept change off of him?


Shrink wrapped, one assumes.

Other low-hanging fruit responses include “Fun sized” and …look, why did you bait my head for bad jokes? sigh None of this is in good taste.


Well if he did a good job, high five him!

Fun story - back before the internet, you had to goto stores for porno and stuff like that. This local book store was run, literally, by these little old ladies in Hutchinson KS. But they not only had quite a selection of magazines, they had basically an adult shop in the back for stuff.

It was certainly surreal buying them from people who looked more at home at a church bake sale.


So apparently this is in Tennessee, not Georgia. Must be a rural thing. In Nashville people buy their porn, I assume, at the Hustler store. On Church Street, of course.


Yep. Wouldn’t be the one if it weren’t for the other.


I used to work at a bookstore which had a small adult book section. Very small, it was just one not-large shelf. It was packaged in generic white covers, and I think may have been mostly from the literary/classy/antiquated end of the spectrum. I recall the titles The Story of O and Autobiography of a Flea.

We had these items, but the owner was paranoid about being picketed by the moral majority types, so we were under orders not to generally mention these items, especially over the phone. I only recall one person ever asking for them. I got a call one day and the fellow asked if we had any adult books or magazines. I responded, “Well, some of our books do require a certain degree of literacy.”


They use these:

and if the lead ‘actor’ is circumcised: