Georgia lawmaker vows to bypass rule of law to shield Trump

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Legitimate threat, or just grandstanding for his MAGA constituents?


I particularly like the “We, the undersigned …” part. When he’s the ONLY undersigned.

Is it the royal “We”?


Yeah, Colton… American IS under attack… from Trump and people like YOU, you dipshit.


Good question, but i fear the likely answer to that is "both, both is " …evil and self-serving.


Wait, is Willis politically TARGETing political opponents or politicallyTARGETing political opponents. Or is she just politically TARGET™ing political opponents. Because that last one just sounds like a shopping trip.


That was my thought as well. He claims he has 3/5th representation of both houses of local congress but is the only person who signed…so he doesn’t.

Not that I would expect him to understand what 3/5th means.


Just another MAGA ass clown…




In his defense, c’mon, he didn’t write all that! Federalist Society - paid staffers did. How’s he supposed to remember all that stuff?


He seems like the sort of guy who wouldn’t buy a 1/3 Pounder from Wendy’s, opting instead for the larger 1/4 Pounder from McDonald’s.


He might understand the 3/5ths Clause, and thinks it should still apply


“Is… is there supposed to be 2nd page on this thing?”


Man picks wrong hill to die on.

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Short answer: Grandstanding, but still a threat.

Longer answer:
IANAL. Judicial oversight was not, until recently, something that the Georgia House and Senate had other than impeachment – and while the Georgia House might indite, they don’t have the numbers in the Georgia Senate to carry out a partisan impeachment and removal of a prosecutor. But there’s a twist.

A while ago the legislators voted themselves the right to remove troublesome prosecutors via a prosecutorial oversight committee, charged ostensibly with setting standards and definitions as well as exerting control over what was explicitly called out by Republicans as out of control prosecutors. On Friday (of course) May 5th, the governor signed it into law. This committee, which will of course be full of Republicans with only token opposition, could in theory vote to remove Ms. Willis, or even declare the prosecution improper and illegal.

That newly acquired power is untested, however, and there is a lawsuit by 4 Georgia DAs asking a judge to strike down the law, which seems likely both on the legal side (Georgia’s state constitution does specifically call out separation of powers - sect II paragraph III) and in the Judiciary desiring to not be turned into political lapdogs of whatever party is in power. Until that happens, though, Fani Willis could be removed – which would bring in another prosecutor, not dismiss the case. Still, it would cause delays, as it would be challenged and likely reversed by the courts.

The wording of the law would, on the face of it, require every law broken to be investigated and prosecuted, including ones still on the books but considered unprosecutable by the state such as adultery, sodomy and fornication. Without a 100-fold increase in budget and staff, this is blatantly impossible, and would serve only as a tool to remove prosecutors the committee doesn’t like while clogging up and slowing down all cases as the prosecutors struggle to ensure they have all the charges and investigation for any covered crime or potentially lose their job.

So, in theory, while this particular approach of sending a letter to a Governor isn’t a particularly legal or effective approach, it could be the start of a removal process which could drag everything (as in all judicial legal action at the state level) to slow to an effective stop, potentially for years, while this gets fought out between the branches of the Georgia state government.


Great explanation! If this continues, Legal Eagle will probably make a video about it and explain all the details to us.


Those eyes are a little too wide apart for me. I find it… disconcerting.

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When I skimmed it, it read as:

We, the undersigned, being duly elected members of the Georgia House of Representatives and George Santos,

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lol no. Not feeding this trolley.