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Fun trivia sidetrack: does anyone know if this is the first time there have ever been two simultaneous Senate elections in the same state?

Definitely not. If a senator resigns or dies while in office, most states allow for the governor to make an interim appointment but they have to face election in the next regular general election. If the state’s other seat happens to be up at the same time there are two states in play.

This may be the first time two senators have been up for election in the same special/runoff election, since not many states have runoffs and it would be unusual to have two senators on a special election.

Should be enough of us available to drive every single Dem voter in Ga. to the polls and then some.


I still love that idea that Ossoff & Warnock should hold a joint “debate” in which they each claim to have the more corrupt opponent, and just continue to one-up each other with examples. It’s not hard, after all.


Note that we are doing weekly fundraisers for all three of these and you can track our progress in this dedicated topic. Suggestions for other ways to help in GA, via any means, are always welcome. I’m personally not stopping until I can say I did absolutely everything I could to help. :metal:


Hmm I guess that would make sense since that’s how it happened this time, and senators dying in office can’t be rare.

But – given each seat is on a fixed six-year cycle so long as it’s filled normally – how do they keep the classes evenly distributed? Do senators resign at strategic times to bring it back into line? (I realise I can look it up, I’m asking here for didactic purposes)

ETA apparently the answer is that I am wrong above; if a senator is elected in the “wrong” year, their term is shorter than six years, and the seat comes up for re-election in the same class it was always in.

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There are so many unusual strategic angles. If there are voters planning to split their ticket out of a (drastically misguided) sense of “balance”, would that mean the Democrats should try to single out one Republican as worse than the other, so that the split votes don’t just neutralise each other? Or is it better to avoid doing that to discourage split tickets in the first place?

My wife, son and I live in Georgia (my son and I are native Georgians; we’re all lifelong Jimmy Carter brand Democrats), and I appreciate the support and help provided in this article. This will be an extremely heavy lift – Perdue received over 87,000 more votes in the general election than Ossoff did in this state. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done. There are thousands of grassroots workers here making every effort to register people, get information out, drive people to the polls, monitor elections, cure ballots, etc. If you can join us in any of these efforts, please do. Together we can replace gridlock with progress in the Senate!


Not going to lie, I read the first paragraph then I skimmed the rest.
Now I’m thinking of all the other bands I like that come out of Athens, GA
Elf Power
Robert Schneider’s (Apples in Stereo) side projects
of Montreal
Easter Island
I went to a few years back. That was a lot of fun.


Just to nitpick at a common mistake, DEFCON 4 is the second-lowest level of readiness.


We’re sending registration links and ballot links to everyone we can, reminding everyone we interact with to get out the vote, giving money to both campaigns, and dressing the part. Very much hoping to not drop the ball here!


Yes, some bands were missed in the intro paragraph and REM should be on top! Other than that agree with everything 100%.

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