Support the Georgia Peach Corps and Stacy Abrams' New Georgia Project

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More than feels.

My most recent donation was to:


@codinghorror has a thread here about supporting the GA runoffs:


Can I send funds from the UK?

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Yeah, I was going to ask the same question!

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Not to candidates. I think regular GOTV campaigns are likely okay.


I just sent to email to ask. The last thing I want to do is cause them a headache!


You must be a US citizen to contribute to campaigns - I’m a US citizen living abroad and have never had trouble using Paypal to donate to Bernie or others (most use an intermediary called Act Blue to process payments)
Fair Fight requires you to be a US citizen as well, even though it’s a general registration and anti-suppression drive and not a specific candidate’s campaign. Not sure about GOTV.


This was awesome! All week long I’ve had the tab open to donate to Fair Fight but they only do check or Credit Card and so I needed a minute to go dig out my card number (I don’t use it regularly) but the link in this article to donate directly to Ossof/Warnock (which gives 100% to their respective campaigns for this runoff election- no trumpy fine print here- and allows you to customize amounts in case you, like me, want to give more to one of them than the other) had a paypal option so I finally got around to it. Thank you, jlw.

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I love that the Republican election conspiracy nonsense is hurting their chances of winning the Senate runoffs since a substantial portion of their base now thinks the whole thing is rigged anyway.

In one sharp exchange, a Trump backer quizzed McDaniel on why Georgia voters should bother to invest more “money and work when it’s already decided.”


Republican disillusionment almost never seems to result in them actually not showing up (they are much, much smarter voters than liberals), but there is a chance that, if Kos’ “hidden deplorables” theory is correct, the stoner, reality TV, Alex Johnson, burn the world down for the lulz crowd might not get off the sofa for it.

In the meantime, keeping the momentum for minority and youth voters is critical.

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