German condom maker in trouble with the law over “21 orgasms” claim


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If you have 7 condom, and 3 people, that is only 1 orgasm each.

If you have 2 people, and you are a gentleman giving her/helping her have an orgasm before and after yours, that still adds up 3 per condom.

So - even though it is an obvious joke, it is pretty doable.


Ew? I know that condoms used to be expensive things that’s you’d clean and roll up again after use, but them days have passed!


Einhorn. (snicker)


Why would they lie?



I was going to say that if it helped generate 18 or so in one sitting, you’re doing pretty good.


At a minimum, seven condoms should inspire 14 orgasms. Good control on the part of the wearer should enable the remainder.


Unfortunately I only spent part of it in a sitting posture.


What do you do if you manage more than 21? Take them back and complain?


that math seems about right to me.

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