Germany's new COVID-19 spot is very clever and funny, stay-at-home couch potatoes are national heroes

When old German folks talk about WWII, which doesn’t happen very often, they tell about those difficult times they had to fight through. Just like Viet Nam veterans, the average soldier might have had a hard time, but the war itself was all wrong.


Meanwhile, bloodsucking banksters are are pushing this bullshit in a desperate bid to prop up their failing real estate bubble…



My grandfather was drafted when he was 18. He died several years ago, aged 92.

There no living memory any more, with very few exceptions.

I have to admit that the ‘Großvater erzählt vom Krieg’ meme didn’t register with the above-mentioned ickyness with me, too.
Which is not good.


It also seemed a bit icky to me, and brought obvious connotations. But I live in Poland, not Germany.
Apart from that the spot was really good though.


2 months into our first (UK) lockdown, I got a notification from my pension company of a change of funds - they had moved commercial property investments out of my portfolio…


Great spot.
Can we get a Schwaebisch version?

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That’s strange, because in my experience Germans who experienced WWII talked a lot about the war if you listened to them.

And having listened to many of them, I guess a lot of them would have considered these videos just as tone-deaf as many of the young people in Germany do.

For the love of God, no.


I laughed out loud when he says “Wir waren faul wie die Waschbären” (“We were as lazy as racoons”), a german idiom I wasn’t familiar with but that I intend to use frequently from now on.


Bassd scho. :+1:

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I got a chuckle out of that, mostly because I’ve never thought of raccoons as being particularly lazy. Maybe it’s because they’re mostly nocturnal?

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