Get 3 high-end colognes for just $34.99


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OK boingboing, OK. I get it. You hate blog view. You don’t want me to use it anymore. So just take it away already and stop with the passive-aggresive layout shenanigans.


did you not know that ascii is the one true way to read the main site?

ETA : hey @beschizza the blog view is b0rk3d. I just checked and the trampoline puppy is taking up all the space.


I’ll miss Rob’s shoops, but I’ll have to go that route if blog view continues as bork view like it’s been for the last month or so.


Apply 3 high-end colognes directly to your screen and will all be fine!!!


Are you saying I smell bad?


There’s a main site?






They might be fantastic, but I just can’t buy ‘high end’ cologne without smelling it first.

Sadly, despite the name, “Bawston & Tucker” isn’t sold in stores anywhere near Boston, looks like.


Please use it sparingly.


The Whole World


it must be super high end, it’s so exclusive that i’ve never heard of it.


No shit. I wouldn’t buy a $2 air freshener if I hadn’t smelled it first.


what we need now is smelly internet… :slight_smile:

something like a slab of metal that was sold on a sellers tv channel (qvc)


Well, okay, but only because they’re “high-end”.


Can anyone recommend a cologne that doesn’t smell like the same scents I wore in junior high 30 years ago? Why do men still wear that crap?

This product seems like the right direction, but no way of knowing.


But I’m also a unique guy too. The kind of guy who likes to have his own special scent. Not to smell like every other guy. I like to have my own, individual odor. That’s why I wear tuna fish sandwich. I put a tuna fish sandwich under each arm. Maybe one or two behind the ears. I don’t smell like any other guy. And it’s economical too because the smell lasts four or five days. —Steve Martin


Maybe they send out sample cards.


The three types of Cologne are: Whiskey, Delta, and Romeo!


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