Underhill Solid Cologne inspires adventure and investigation

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Just depressing.


“The road goes ever on and on…”


In reference to the items available on the linked website…

Part of me is screaming, “That is pretentious as all get out”

The other part of me is going “I want that. And That. And That.”


There’s a lot of words I’d use to describe the products made by Misc. Goods Co (handcrafted, unique, thoughtful, idealistic) but depressing is definitely not one of them. Why depressing?

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What is that thing on the front? The spine of a book?

Price maybe? Holy cow. Neat designs, though.


Color me intrigued. Shall check it out later, hopefully the price is not ridiculous.

How did this end up under the craft category?
@beschizza clean up on aisle 4.


There and back again. A perfumer’s tale.

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It’s $60, but it’s laser-engraved cherrywood and oxhorn, so your definition of ridiculous might be different than others.


enh if it is good stuff that lasts then that isn’t unreasonable for a good cologne cost.

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Looks like a door on the side of a hill. Literally “underhill”.

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On its face it does seem a tad high but when compared to other colognes it’s on par i would say. And colognes last a long time, plus i do like that it’s in solid form. Hmmm… will add this to my wishlist bookmark folder.
I wonder if they send samples or would be willing to, i’m very particular about smells and would like to get a sense for it before any potential purchase.

Exactly, quite honestly this is what keeps me from spending too much on scented items online. This is a very lovely product and his description of the scent sounds like something I’d enjoy, but I’d much rather find this in a boutique to give a test sniff before dropping $60.

The braille on the front seems to spell out MR BREE.

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If this is a small time operation i could imagine the level of customer service would be decent (hopefully). They might be willing and able to send a little stick infused with the cologne or something.


I don’t think he meant the home for fictional beings that must not be named, but that strip of embedded metal-looking thing. I guess those are the magnets?

That’s a strip of ox horn. The magnets are embedded inside.

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