Get an awesome video tour of a 1940s Monopoly War Time edition made at height of WWII


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Very cool. I love the very British apology letter. I’m glad he mentions the extra goodies for the editions sent to POWs in Germany.

And of course it’s always worth noting that Monopoly wasn’t originally a pro-capitalist game:

It still sucks as a game. I preferred this variant:



Absolutely. I don’t remember one moment in which I found myself enjoying this cruel, pointless game. Wait, we’re taking about free market capitalism, right?


Still looking for the Monopoly Time War edition.


My preferred war-time edition of Monopoly:


Well, today I learned that our family Monopoly set is a war time edition. I always assumed it was slightly poor quality because it was old, and that’s how board games were made then. This makes more sense.


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