How "Monopoly" took a monopoly on Lizzie Magie’s Landlord Game

Originally published at: How "Monopoly" took a monopoly on Lizzie Magie's Landlord Game | Boing Boing


It’s worth mentioning how this helped Prof. Ralph Anspach fight Parker Brothers to a settlement when they sued to kill his game Anti-Monopoly.

And yes, the “famed” game teaches hate, greed, and the inevitable, slow concentration of wealth if no one intervenes.


This story illustrates the reality that capitalism (or Capitalism) will take even the most cogent criticism and virulent protest against itself, figure out how to subvert it, and make a buck off it. Anti-capitalistic agitators and organizers should remember that reality when they plan their protests.

Cautionary Tales – Do NOT pass GO! | Tim Harford is a great version of this story in podcast form

First time I played monopoly was an argentine clone called “Estanciero” in the 70’s.

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