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No earphones or vapes?

I’m genuinely shocked.


The bamboo based sheets looked interesting, but I noticed that they contain “microfibers”. We recently learned that the oceans, and therefore the food chain is being polluted with huge amounts of microscopic fragments of plastic from sources such as fleece (example “breaking story” here). So as much as I like the idea of natural and organic materials, it’s not going to help if it requires microfiber-shedding substrate materials to make it workable.

If the stuff you’re using isn’t like that, please inform!

  • high-quality bamboo yarns combined with high-strength microfiber

I’m not saying it is, but I know Rayon is commonly sourced from Bamboo, but so far removed that the FTC has felt it necessary has said that it can no longer be referred to as “Bamboo”

I think there needs be more information released or the sheets will hit the fan.


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