Get your whole house cleaned conveniently with Handy

Good to see San Diego is now on equal footing with the rest of the CL-verse.


In German, das Handy means the cellphone.

Apparently nobody told them what handy means in the UK.

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It was originally called Handybook, but I’m guessing Facebook believes it owns all business names with the suffix “book.”

Handybook sounds like a business or product name, but das Praktischbuch just sounds weird.

Given this person’s experience interviewing with them, I’d avoid them like the plague:


Yeah, I looked at that, and the link Skeptic posted up-thread, and the reviews on the app after sorting through the astroturf. This one’s a non-starter. Bummer.


Gee, I wonder if all the Uber bashing articles would have been headlined here if Travis had only had the good sense to start selling via the boingboing store first.

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It’s as easy as heading to the site, selecting a date and time that works for you and the number of rooms in your home.

This is my biggest pet peeve grammatical error. "It’s as easy as heading, selecting. . . " And what? If you’re only “heading” and “selecting”, then stick a conjunction between the two. How did the writer lose track of the size of the list four words in?

You can’t go far in life without knowing how to use the word “and”.

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You select the number of rooms in your home.

Still an awkward af sentence.

Um…what does handy mean in the UK? Genuine question. Is this an age thing? It’s never occurred to me that the term “handy gadget” as applied to my chainsaw or farm jack could have another meaning.

I’m surprised this is needed. A google search for house cleaners in enkitaville turns up all the usual suspects. We employ a really nice young woman who has her own signwritten van and used to work for her parents, hence totally reliable. Small town advantage, I suppose.

This is why I like the Oxford comma.

If putting a comma in before the last “and” changes the meaning of your sentence, your “and” might be in the wrong place.

It is short for hand job, which is itself a slang term for manual stimulation of the phallus.

I obviously do not frequent the right (or wrong) circles.[quote=“JohnEightThirty, post:29, topic:85858”]
You can’t go far in life without knowing how to use the word “and”

Indeed. Remember the unfortunate sign painter who had to redo a pub sign at his own expense, when the landlord of the Pig and Whistle complained that he had’t left enough space between pig and and and and and whistle.

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On a grammar quiz, Mary, where Jane had had “had had”, had had “had”. “Had had” had had the teacher’s approval, but she said that that “that that” that that boy had had was incorrect. What it was was a common grammatical error.


I have to hand it to you.


I’m pretty sure you didn’t follow what I said. That’s OK; I was being a pedantic jerk-off. (Speaking of the ol’ manual stimulation.)

It’s really disappointing that BoingBoing is advertising this outfit which has been described as a “Hellscape of Labor Code Violations.”

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