Get your whole house cleaned conveniently with Handy


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dont gotta google shit to know without a doubt that uber for maids is definitely gonna be a horrible exploitation monster


Get your whole house cleaned conveniently with Handy

Unless Handy is the nickname of the person who’s coming over to clean my house, this ain’t gonna happen.


Can they get here real quick? Do they have quicklime? Can they deal with blood? No reason, but if not I’ll stick with my regular Cleaner. He’s expensive, but he gets results.


If you count travel time and the cost of supplies, the retail price is well below a $15 minimum wage.




i could certainly use a handy.


Snark aside, has anybody actually used this outfit? It’s a service we could use from time to time and trying to hire a housecleaner off Craigslist has gotten pretty sketchy.


If you aren’t watching Nathan for You, you aren’t laughing as much as you could be. This show is so funny. Here he pitches the idea of 50 maids at once cleaning a house.


Uber for maids is right. I once used a similar service for a locksmith and got robbed blind. The markup is unbelievable.

Here’s what you do: ask around. Of course you have to leave the house to do that. Or look around for a franchise place, they’re not bad. There’s a The Maids a mile from me. They charge me less and pay their workers more, and a mom & pop place might be even better.

The premium you pay is for a website that has the phone number you’re too lazy to look up. It can cost hundreds.


Man oh man did I have an itchy trigger finger for this. Until I went to the App Store and read their HORRIBLE reviews. No thanks. C’mon, Boing Boing, I love to trust your advertisers, but even a little research tells me this service is not getting it done. Bummer.

#13 I didn’t know they were still in business. What happened with all the lawsuits filed against them for misclassifying employees as independent contractors?


And here I thought it was one of these:


Edit: Fine, fine, @RatMan. I changed it back. :slight_smile:


Get your whole house cleaned… 3 hour cleaning, it’s just $49

Ain’t nobody gonna clean this whole dump in just three hours.


I’d buy that even if it did scare the crap out of me to see it every morning!

Edit: hey, I liked the first picture better. I love a good 50’s kitchen!


That does seem like a sure way to get someone who will clean your house, of all your valuables …


Ah, yet again the nebulous “we” speaks!


It’s unfortunate, but sandiego.craigslist has become a vast wasteland of scammers, spammers, and hookers of all variety.


I cannot like you again, but I do! :slight_smile: