Getting stoned with the Weed Nuns

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Aubrey Plaza, who played April Ludgate on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, sat down with the Sisters of the Valley (aka the Weed Nuns) and got really baked.

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Sisters of the Valley is a small business that sells cannabidiol tinctures and salves on the craft e-commerce website Etsy. It is based in Merced, California, and its proprietors follow a monastic motif, wearing religious habits and referring to each other as sisters, despite no affiliation with a religious order.

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The Weed Nuns?


If Aubrey Plaza walked in here right now and wanted to light up a joint, I’d be totally cool about it.

Is anyone else who saw these Nuns reminded of the God’s Gardeners from The Year of The Flood? Excellent book.

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This must have been an impressively long session, what with all those ‘40-45 minutes laters’ between segments. Time must really fly for those folks.

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Have not read it… who is it by?

Also, I’m thinking of this song thanks to this thread:

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