Backlash grows over Dodgers disinviting Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from Pride event

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way to go dodgers on such a stupid self-own. thanks for letting us know everyone is included except if religious extremists don’t like you. gotcha.


Disinviting the most famous drag group in the world from a Pride event, in fucking Los Angeles was the most insane thing. I couldn’t believe it when I read it. Some MAGAts clutched their pearls and the Dodgers jumped? The LA Dodgers?!?

I don’t understand anything anymore.

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Why does the child abusing Catholic church get to decide corporate morals?


Not even the Catholic Church, but the Catholic League, a tiny minority of far-right bigots whose mouthpiece, Bill Donohue, exists to stir up outrage.


The performer dons a long flowing dress with various accoutrements. They chant. They lead the crowd singing. They get paid for their performance. The performer’s final remarks, “The Lord be with you.”

Fucking hypocrites. And fuck those who buy into their filthy bullshit.


Seriously, why do the Los Angeles Dodgers – currently valued at $4.8 billion – give a shit about what a $1 million Republican senator from Florida has to say? :man_shrugging:


And also with you… Dang, 0ver 40 years after leaving the fold, I still feel the response coming to my lips unbidden.


whose stated purpose is to “defend the right of Catholics – lay and clergy alike – to participate in American public life without defamation or discrimination.”[



Dude… you could have been Pope by now!


I don’t have the cojónes for that role :smile:



Game recognizes game. :smile:



He still is a bouncer, though the club is less exclusive, the buffet is a bit shit and the house rules are apparently only optional for management.


Door at Bar Vatican, “Look, buddy, yer name’s not on the list; if don’t piss off, I’m gonna have to excommunicate you!”


Because Catholic is a religion and a religious identity.

What if there were a group that did Islamic drag performances? Like, I don’t know, a bunch of non-Muslim guys dressing up in outrageous hijab outfits and calling themselves the Hijab Hos or something like that? It would NEVER be allowed to exist, it sounds awful just writing it. Or Orthodox Jewish drag performances? The Kosher Courtesans maybe, non Jewish guys making erotic mockery of Jewish traditions? Would NEVER be accepted. You could say, “yes, well Catholics are not marginalized but those other two groups are”. That’s the only logic someone could come up with.and I don’t think many people would accept that.

The other factor is that these days the Dodgers have a lot of Catholic fans who don’t “get” the humor of guys dressing up as hyper-sexualized nuns. Honestly I used to think it was funny but I also don’t get it anymore. It’s tired and offensive at the same time.

The Dodgers were right to not invite them.

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Maybe the Dodgers could have made their position clearer by cancelling their corporate propaganda event entirely.:thinking:


I’m all for defending the average Catholic against discrimination… but it’s a real stretch to call the SPI out for that, when they are obviously attacking the institution. It’s very hard to defend the very, deeply troubling history that includes forced conversions, mass murder of non-conformists, aiding genocide in the new world, and more recently covering up child abuse, abuse of women pregnant out of wedlock (including essentially forcibly having their children adopted and severed from their families), and the churches direct attack on LGBQT+ people… The institution of the church has a lot to answer for, and the SPI is right to call them out. While there was and is certainly a deep strain of progressive and inclusive politics among the laity and some of the priests, monks, and nuns, the leadership of the Catholic church has often aligned with violent right wing forces in order to enhance their own power - including at the expense of their own progressive members (including nuns and priests who practice liberation theology).

Most people can understand the difference between mocking Catholics (and I’d argue that the people who are most likely to mock Catholics are often themselves either Catholics or lapsed Catholics) and targeting an institution that has been highly destructive through out modern history. It’s far less like mocking women wearing hijab or a Jewish person wearing a kippah, and much more like making fun of the Taliban or Al-Qaeda for their misogynistic, violent, and retrograde politics…


Remind me to never count on you to defend us from assholes and bigots.

Thanks for making it crystal clear which side you’re on, though.

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