Backlash grows over Dodgers disinviting Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from Pride event

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The answer is “be accepting of that, as well.”

Not “continue to marginalize all.”

Thought that’d have been obvious.


Again, though, I think targeting individuals dressed in religious garb as part of their personal practice is not the same as targeting an institution like the Catholic church, which is precisely what @Fefelo suggested was happening in this case by talking about head scarves and kippahs. Those tend to be up to personal choices. The harm visited upon the LGBQT+ community by the Catholic church as an institution tends to come from the top down, however - they are literally hurting their own LGBQT+ members by their doctrine, making it fair game for mockery, I’d argue.

I’m arguing that there is a difference between mocking individuals of faith in a way that can be punching down depending on the context (language used by the KKK or at times the British government with regards to Irish Catholics in Ireland during colonization), and going after institutions that have caused real harm in the world.


The Catholic Church literally committed genocide in California once upon a time

It wasn’t that long ago either


To “yes, and,” this, in case some people on the thread didn’t read the article, it’s also not like it’s as simple as:

They didn’t “not invite” them, they had already invited them and were planning to bestow a community hero award for all the great work they’ve done.
The work is incontrovertible. Their work and mission is very much in line with what most optimists see as the real values preached (even if not always practiced) by the church.
@Fefelo making it sound like it’s just a bunch of guys dressing up as sexy religious figures is disingenuous.


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Disinviting a very established and active gay pride organization from a gay pride event because they are too ‘prideful’ seems… well, par for the course in the USA these days. Why again does the agenda of the right wing from Florida control what happens in California?


Tell me you have no idea who the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are and what they do without saying it.

They are not a bunch of men dressing up as nuns to harass or belittle Catholics. They’ve done a lot of good work and the dressing-somewhat-like-nuns isn’t about making fun of Catholics. It’s piercing commentary on a very corrupt and hypocritical institution.

The use of religious imagery, particularly Catholic based imagery, as a way to criticize and comment on the influence of religion is pretty much as ancient as organized religion itself.


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And then you compare the sisters to the Catholic League, which
-Claims to be for free speech but seeks to silence any and all criticism of the Catholic church
-Is anti -LGBTQ+
-Virulently anti-trans and advocates for treating transition care as child abuse and advocates for the elimination of trans people
-Think the abuse of children by clergy is only in the far past and the church has done more than enough to prevent further abuse
-Anti sex education
-Anti contraception

No one should be listening to these people


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I am no fan of the Catholic league, since on top of all that you list, they are willing to work with people (radical protestants) who will turn on Catholics the first chance that they get… they are leading the people who support their work into the hands of people who don’t believe that they are “real Christians”… same with conservative Mormons, too. And hell, even right wing Jewish voters…


The mistake was even listening or responding to an extremist religious cult about anything at all.


I guess one guy a website and a fax machine is all it takes to be a “league” nowadays.


That ain’t why the Dodgers cancelled them; it had zero to do with Catholicism and everything to do with pandering to the anti-drag anti-trans haters; full stop.

To give the proper response to Mindy’s call from earlier:


Conservatives, massive supporters of Free Speech get so angry about Cancel Culture then turn round and do it themselves because something they didn’t like


Well, I think what happened is that someone in the Dodgers organization looked at their fan base, who are about half Hispanic, realized that much of their ticket sales are working-class Hispanics having a fun family outing, and considered how drag nuns would play with that customer base. Short summary: not going to go well.

Ultimately the Dodgers is a business and they need to serve their customers. This was a business decision.

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Ah yes… not a single latinx person has ever been LGBQT+ and would not be offended by that kind of bigotry… And LGBQT+ people can’t possibly be working class… and of course tickets to baseball games in the modern era are never out of reach for working class people…

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The important thing is that you can make up a reason this is all fine…you don’t even need to offer any reason to believe it’s true, just so long as you don’t have to care about what happens to LGBTQ+ people… :unamused: