Ghosts of Internet Past


Help me compile a list of internet celebrities from the glory days of internetting! Try to use your memory and not sites like “Know Your Meme”.

For example:

Randy Constan aka Peter Pan

Jay Maynard AKA Tron Guy

Ready? Steady? Go!


I remember the Peter Pan guy…he had a creepy (or innocent but inadvertently creepy) website where he had photos of himself dressed as Peter Pan or Little Lord Fauntleroy and so on. Also a ministry called Through the Cracks because of course it was.

I remember him because the Cattygoths, another long defunct Web 1.0 site, had his site with commentary in their weekly “dear god what is this thing” website review.

EDIT - and here it is. Wayback Machine FTW.

But entering into the spirit of the thing…



(will he show up here, now, is the question)


…and I was kind enough to provide the link in the OP. It’s still there.



The Asian Prince


Kimbo Slice. Youtube fighting star and not-all-that-good-at-MMA.

RIP Kimbo.


Not the ghosts I was looking for.


Numa Numa!


Hyphen Hyphen Space Return and all the stupid stuff that followed it.

I miss sigfiles.


Edit: Not a celebrity… Will leave it, since it is a ghost that rises up every once in a while from the depths of my noggin
#- - - W A X W E B - - - D a v i d _ B l a i r - -
the first online feature-film
since 1993

“Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees” [85:00] is now available online in full.
I have given it a Creative Commons license [non-commercial, attribution],
and made it downloadable. Below left is the film…
below right is Waxweb, the shot by shot hypermedia version of the film


You can do anything at (still kickin’)!



Interesting fact is he parleyed his fame to act in several gay porn films like this (NSFWish):


La Caída de Édgar



This guy disappeared


And recently we lost Kev from Nothing to Do With Arbroath, which was a regular source of laughs for me and material for some of the Boingers. This made me really very sad. There are many onions to chop at that link there.


The guy who made WAX isn’t a celebrity… OK, go ahead and pull the other one!


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