Giant hailstones are breaking new records

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Climate change is indeed real, but so is the proliferation of smartphones – the odds of documenting these super-big hailstones is orders of magnitude higher than twenty years ago.


:thinking: How can we convince climate change denier CEOs from companies with the worst environmental track records to attend a special outdoor leadership summit? Asking for a friend…


The point is not to discuss if this is the first time it’s that hot, or the first time they are this big or this is the fist time there is a picture of it

It’s the frequency of such crazy weather phenomena that is alarming.

Talking about the prevalence of smartphone for such picture is giving an excuse of deniers of climate change.


a good place to start maybe…
is with this article

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Crowd sourcing images of such evidence highlights the environmental damage of climate change.

Multitudes of camera phones is a remote sensing platform that we now have at our disposal to counter climate change deniers.


Freezers became prolific 50 years ago.

I hope they fall on oil executives.


Well, the company’s reports indicate they are on track for the 2030 goal…

…but I’m taking that with a huge grain of salt:


I think the worst hail storm I was in was golf ball sized hail when I was little. It broke a window and I started crying because we were too poor to replace it. But I was told there was insurance that would pay for it.

In hindsight, I think we replaced the roof from that storm, which would have been a much larger expense!


Hail usually comes with tornadoes, and I grew up in Kansas. One day in 1994 we were under the basements steps as the tornado alarms blared when we heard a window break upstairs. When things finally calmed down, we emerged from our safety hole and found that a chunk of hail had broken a skylight. It was at least the size of a softball.

But we didn’t take a picture or measure it, because why would we? Cell phones only existed as big beige bricks with five-inch long antennas. We just marveled at the size of the ice, then melted it in the kitchen sink. (And then my Dad had to climb up on the roof and replace the skylight, which was scary to me.


Glad no one was hurt, and that does sound scary. As I mentioned below, images of hail making holes in roof tiles really got my attention:


well you should really…
I tried a google search on bernard looney it does not really
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a well known blogger said this recently…

people aren’t wearing masks even at the pharmacy, the person who gave me my booster said she didn’t need one because she just got over her second bout with covid. what? unreal. then it came to me, this is normal. it’s why even when the temperature in california is over 100 in lots of places, we’re still pumping carbon into the atmosphere. pakistan is drowning, and lake powell is drying up. business as usual. what was abnormal was the brief period when many made sacrifices to fight covid. now we just shrug it off, I guess…

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The real battle is against the people and powers that push that message. They’ve been trained or lulled into it, so they can be snapped out of it. A big step is getting rid of the party of Nope or No, We Can’t.

true… but that can’t be any end to matters…

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