Giant inflatable duck hates drinking water in Japan


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It was a British advert from about 5ish years ago.


So in Japan your only beverage choices are water and Oasis brand soft drink.

Things haven’t been the same since the Tommy Lee Jones alien left.


Thank god I only drink Pocari Sweat!


That always makes me imagine some guy with a sponge harvesting sweat off one of these guys in a sauna.


I really wouldn’t put it past the Japanese to do exactly that. In fact, there’s probably Hentai of this (but I’m not about to go looking for it).


I prefer the domestic variety.



You laugh, but just think of all those pocaris, many of them underage, who are slaving away in sweatshops just so someone can have a drink…


The Giant Rubber Duck sold out? I’m appalled!



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