Japanese chicken take-out chain offers human sweat flavored sauce


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Just think of all the pocaris whose lives have been spared!


GWAR fans approve.


When I read “cheese” I started to wonder just what part of the body is this fake sweat supposed to come from?

I’m drawing a line at used vending machine panties. That is my limit of embracing Japanese oddities.


Nonono! I wanted the sweet and sour chicken!



These are largely urban legend.


Oh, refreshing sweat.

That’s alright then.


That sauce should go great with soylent green.


This is the reason I don’t eat Whoppers from Burger King. Anyone else taste that, or is it just me?


Hmmmm, girlsweat! Some people do have some pretty delicious sweat, though using “salt, lemon juice, and cheese” to replicate a bodily scent indicates to me that some medical issues are involved.


Meh. I’ll wait until the blood and tears sauces are also available, for the complete experience.


God Kamen Joshi are weird. Like imagine if Babymetal were weird, or Momo Clover.

If I wasn’t at work I would post their tribute song to Trump.



Agreed. But what makes it believable is the vending machines with crappy sex toys and lingerie, booze, porn, etc.


Tastes like fear.


When I was working, all my sauces had sweat.




Fake blood huh? GG Allin is spinning in his grave…though in fairness he would be anyway.


My cat loves pollo asado and the taste of my sweat. This is a match made in heaven for her.