Giant mural made of 1700 color-organized product packages




The picture with all the white guys in suits adds an interesting perspective.


What´s the significance of them being white?


It’s a packaging trade fair in Germany, but that doesn’t mean that they are excused from ticking every American demographic box.


I didn’t mean to say “white man bad,” since I am one. But it’s pretty obvious this is a corporate environment. It’s very different from what you would see if this was installed on any city street in the world, or in a university. Even at an art gallery you would see a few women.


I thought the inclusion of the dudes in suits made it look like a Storm Thorgerson Pink Floyd album cover to me. That oddly out of kilter sensation.


I thought it was nice of them to dress the same and huddle together like that, almost as if they were part of the installation.

Except for that numpty on the phone. Fool’s ruining my art experience.


I suppose they actually form a zone of black containers to add to the installation.


But only one of them is undoubtedly White. Two do appear to have a lighter complexion, but could be easily be Asian or Hispanic. The other two we only see from the back, so it’s impossible to say what color their skin is.


You’re quite right, maybe those are the United Colors of Benetton, and those aren’t suits, they’re monks’ robes, and far from anything corporate this image shows the Catholic Church’s commitment to both ethnic and artistic diversity. But I’m sticking with Hypothesis I.


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