Giant shredding machine shreds other machines


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What, then, shreds it?

Quis shrediet ipsos shredes?


Dude, not what, but who… I would totally shred that thing!


This machine kills fascists machines.


Fly a shuttle into it. The computational parts can’t also be neutronium (like the conical hull), so the fusion explosion of the shuttle’s warp engine will disable it. We’ll lose William Windom, but it will save the next couple of star systems.


Sweet mother of god. It had to be the Germans, didn’t it?


I’ll stick with SSI shredders - they’re bigger and meaner and they make better videos!


A yet larger and more fearsome shredder; and so on nearly ad infinitum; until somebody comes up with a ‘shredder’ that is just a conveniently packaged; but all-devouring, singularity.



“Glorious freedom!”

“I don’t understand! I did everything you asked!”



Why, it’s shredders all the way down!


What kind of metal are those teeth made from? They’re an odd color.


What kind of metal? Atomic metal!

Oblig video:


nom nom nom


For some reason I find this kinda relaxing to watch.


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