Shredding gold slime looks (and sounds) fantastic


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That’s like a blinged-out shoggoth…


God I hate slime

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And if I had those golden dreams of my yesterdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


Man I’d hate to be the poor SOB assigned to cleaning that thing afterwards


And the results are in:

Shredder: 50.2%

Gold slime: 39%


Is the video of the woman poking the Golden Slime the perfect intersection of ASRM and Trypophobia?


Anyone know where to get one of those industrial shredders? I have some stuff to get rid of.


I was expecting a skateboard.


(O hell, I can’t start at t=20s?)


I thought for sure this was going to be a political post…

Well, regardless: I can’t now not see Drumpf’s head getting processed thusly.


what kind of glue is that?


Just clear school glue.


just make sure to also get an even bigger shredder so you can shred your shredder when you are done to get rid of the evidence that you got rid of the evidence.


i think that is the closest i’ve ever gotten to understanding the asmr folks.


I’m not really in this market; so I don’t know how they stack up vs. their competitors; but i have to appreciate SSI’s exuberance in the service of shredding. Also, the weirdness of their ‘fish heads’ shredding demonstration video; less technically impressive than engine blocks, ballistic glass, or rebar; but weird counts for something.

The shredder actually acquits itself pretty well; compared to some of the others.


Is anyone else horrified at the prospect of degunkifying the shredder?

Won’t someone please think of the machines!


interesting that reverse actually makes it come back out


It seems to have the viscosity of Satan’s snot.