Shredding gold slime looks (and sounds) fantastic

No, I don’t know, but there are plenty of second hand machinery dealers around. You’ll likely need a 3 phase supply, but then if you want an industrial shredder you might be able to pick up a suitably rated Diesel generator with a fair number of hours on it, which could be cheaper than running in 3 phase.
I only really encountered one once; the most intimidating control on the side other than the big green and red buttons was a big two way switch labelled “Knives forward” and “Knives backward.” It didn’t reverse as such; you could shred things with the sharp ends of the rotary knives first or with the blunt ends depending on material to be shredded.

Hey, you join the Foot Clan, you clean the Shredder. It’s right there in the hiring brochure.


That sound comes straight from nightmares, surely

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