Industrial shredder eats a car


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I was at a friend’s place of work last month changing a start cap on a machine and one of the engineers was fixing the shredder for waste plastic, he seemed a bit pissed off so I asked him what’s the matter?

He said he’d refurbed this machine two days ago with all re-sharpened teeth etc and had to do it again cos some idiot lost a lump hammer!

Made a right mess of the teeth!

He was annoyed because he had to do the repair outside of normal working hours to get the company back up to their quota and I can’t say I blame him, put down a big lump of metal on something plastic to be recycled and cock up a very expensive machine, workers hanging around with nothing to do, deliveries of material waiting to be processed and taken away.


I think fondly of these whenever the chintzy little ‘security’ shredder jams up because it can’t handle a staple or vaguely robust envelope.

Specifically, I think fondly of introducing the said shredder to one of its more respectable peers; the hard way.


I’d love to see a bigger shredder shred that shredder.





I have one that I would gladly donate… A few of the teeth are messed up enough that it tends to jam, but it is functional enough that I can’t justify tossing it.


Somebody, please put googly eyes on that thing.


I like the way it saved the engine block for last as that’s the tastiest bit.


When it comes to auto juice, fresh-squeezed beats concentrate every time.

Pro-tip: For added zing, the Mob suggests adding a person or two. :wink:


For those who are wondering - they don’t typically do this - most of a car tagged to be crushed is recycled for all of the parts that can be pieced out. This includes all of the glass, wheels, intakes, suspension bits, etc.

I believe somewhere up to 75% of a car is parted out before it is crushed.


Until then, enjoy a BLT, on the house…


I’m such a sap today - everything is making me sad. That was someone’s prized possession at one point! Driving it for the first time … making sure nobody had and food or drinks in it … :frowning:


just think of it as a metaphor for Donald Trump’s election campaign and it’ll be fine


Had a Fiat that I would’ve paid handsomely to see that happen to it.


Protip: Do not wear a tie and lean over that thing.


Hm…hungry now.


I dunno… at the rate that thing was going, I think you’d have time to send someone to WalMart to buy a scissors and come back and cut off your tie…


We all have it coming, kid.