Simone Giertz makes a paper shredder from her own brain scan

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She’s a national treasure. Or international, I guess, since she’s from Sweden.


That video was a wonderful thing.


She is a delight.


Love how she rolls up to the water jet place in her Truckla.
Cybertruck? We don need no stinkin Cybertruck, we roll our own here!

I’m waiting for the Cybertruck Pressurized Mars Edition, dual motor of course.


Her cereal robot video makes me lol every single time.


I love everything about her. Incredible.


I’m a neurologist, and I love this. Add my voice to the chorus: She is indispensable, and every time I watch her I’m glad I did. I want to show this to my children, even though they say they’re not ready for the cuss words. Kids, it’s time to get ready for it.


I’m not familiar with this woman, but after watching this video, I’m totally smitten! She’s an absolute treasure, funny and clever, and I want to see more.


I always wanted to make a super paper shredder patterned after the industrial parts shredders, in the form factor of a slightly bigger paper shredder, capable of shredding a month’s worth of junk mail in one go.

Everything would be metal, machined, with a serious motor, capable of easily shredding even trees.

It would be called "The Shredder"™, have a picture of The Shredder from TMNT on the front, playing a guitar. Upon activation, “The Shredder” ™ would play insane audio clips, prerecorded, of various face melting metal shredding solos, lots of Yngwie Malmstine and Nuclear Assault. “The Shredder” would continue shredding anything placed into it, with music, until done. For emergency purposes, in case of accidental limb shredding, “The Shredder” ™ would have a big red Estop button. It would also have a pause button- that would halt shredding and music- but hitting resume- it would continue the exact same place in the last played audio clip and continue shredding till done.

Every time the shredding button is pressed, “The Shredder” ™ would play a separate audio clip screaming “The Shredder!!” in a hilarious musical joke voice, much like the anouncers do on XM Liquid Metal radio.

Also- the arm of The Shredder from TMNT on front would spin in use, like he is disjointedly playing speed metal during operation.

This idea amuses me intensely.


CEO Bouncy Chair

SNL’s Beck Bennett…

This is a wonderful video. I would love to show it to my 10-year-old grand daughter but the language is a little too much. I strongly encourage Simone to tone it down just a bit to make it palatable to a wider audience. And no, I’m not a prude, far from it, but I have bounds when it comes to language, especially with children.


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