Giant underwater plug




“For this job we’ll need Thunderbird 4!”


220, 221, whatever it takes.


How did this not make the 2014 Christmas Gift List?


you’re saying they should have plugged it?


I love seeing crazy hardware like this. Then seeing there’s a bunch of companies that make lots of crazy huge super-specialized stuff like this and more that you would never imagine. Then finding that there are magazines and journals about it, like ‘Underwater Cabling Quarterly’ or something, and conventions.


Yeah, technology is like an onion!

This particular wet-mating undersea power cable was talked up a bit in this convention clip:

Tangentially, I also think cathodic protection is neat, be it in water heaters or cabling gear or ships.


Do they come in gross packages, or is that a one per order? Also, can they be prequalified for parachute drops? You know, if I really need one while I’m in the city, as opposed to being out in the countryside? And does it come in camouflage?


That’s what she said.


I need new reading glasses. At first I thought that said - “giant underwear plug”.
Got me to click it, though… :smile:


I expected an enormous one of these:


I expected:

(Edited for cuteness)


Can I use it for my xmas display?

My neighbors, I pretty sure, have 2 or 3 of these already.


And you thought token ring was a funky connector


Are the contacts 24k gold?


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