Gibsonian cyberspace deck built on rebooted Commodore 64 and Raspberry Pi


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There needs to be a way to plug ROM cartridges into it with the obligatory hazard warning stickers.


No Sandbenders?


Go ahead. Its pretty much off the shelf now.


The C64C isn’t a modern recreation of a C64, it was mainly just an updated case design that came out a few years after the original C64.


all the I/O you could ask for





Anyone else struck by the fact that the part that does the computation - the work - is shrinking so fast the connectors seem to be the limiting factor. SoC getting pretty amazing. No wonder Apple is making watches instead of computers these days (also, margin higher on crappy watch bands?)


Didn’t seem to be linked, here are the build instructions…


It’s just not the same without the giant external floppy drive that got so hot you could cook your breakfast on it.


Ah yes, the dear old 1541. That would go out of alignment from a dirty look.


Yeah, surely an Ono Sendai ought to come with a neural jack?


How about a case modded 1541 floppy drive that lets you plug in micro SD cards and reads the disk images off them, and passes them on the the PC using the original 1541 protocols? Then you could win some kind of no-prize for the biggest, bulkiest, slowest, most inefficient SD card reader ever made.

For extra bonus points, embed each micro SD card in a genuine old school floppy. Store one disk image on each micro sd. Then you’d have a use for that old floppy disk storage box you found in the attic.


No Thunderbolt. No Sale.


And a monster power brick to keep your feet warm on cold nights.


Would be nice to see an actual modern laptop’s guts in there. Could plug it into VR goggles in place of a neural jack.


A proper deck wouldn’t have the keys labeled. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the wrong trilogy, innit?
Sandbenders are the Bridge trilogy, cyberspace decks are from the Neuromancer trilogy.



Exactly. And Gibsonian decks plugged into humans – they weren’t computers as we know them.


I dont get it. The only relevant one is the Ono Sendai label.

Also why candy apple red? Wouldnt matte black be more appropriate?


And the Hosaka one. And the Chatsubo Bar one. And the Metro Holografix one. And the Cinaps Zaibatsu one. There’s a few of the images that look relevant too, but it’s been fucking ages since I read those books.