Gig economy leaving you behind? Here's 6 ways to find your side hustle

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“Podcasts. There’s a million of them, and they’re all great!”
-Tom Haverford

  1. Sell classes on how to succeed in the gig economy!

NO. learning how to use software is NOT the same as learning how to be a designer, thank you very fucking much. go to school and learn the right way, kids.


Eh, “fake it till you make it” is a good strategy for a side hustle tho.

We’re talking people who are probably well out of school, looking for a way to make money on the side to help make ends meet. More school is not a realistic option for these people. These are folks who will whip up a new logo for a church or whatever in photoshop for $50. Caveat emptor

“Well”, you may retort, “these so-called designers are producing an inferior product and diluting the market for trained professionals!”

And you’re probably right!


e.g., ME.

as a professionally-trained freelancer, i see the results of “fake it until you make it” every damn day. firstly, there’s the impact on my own personal bottom line, where i have to basically make NO money on design and subsist on my markup percentage on printing just to even get work, because everyone feels that “oh hey, i have photoshop i’ll do this brochure myself” or “my nephew can make me my logo/brochure/etc.” – which leads to my vendors having to complain about the terrible files they have to deal with from these people who have software and no understanding of design, let alone understand their facility’s requirements. (and THEY can’t refuse the work because they are also struggling, too.)

every day, the cycle repeats.



I hear you, buddy. If I see you at the bar I’ll buy you a beer!

Does the podcasting training include directions on which side of the mic should be pointed at your mouth?

haha, thanks man – i’ll salt it with my hot salty tears, apparently, lol

“Make a living doing a podcast,” said no one, ever. This is like the millennial dystopian version of the ads that used to be in comic books: “Learn how to get rich doing this thing that no one has ever gotten rich doing!”

  1. Sell matches, apples and pencils on the sidewalk.

I’m already doing most of this and it doesn’t really work.

(Planning a podcast, but let’s be honest here. I really just want to talk about dinosaurs and art. I have no illusions that it’s going to make us money.)

I’m 100% self-trained (I went to school as an English major, but dropped out, and now barely make a living as a professional failure), but I still try to tell people to not do this.

But I just can’t make them care.

Is the spiraling cost of living leaving you behind? Here are 6 ways you can cram even more work into your limited free time.

Seriously “side hustle” is the most obnoxious neo-liberal term ever. Reminds me off the fiver ads that promote working non-stop for very little as some sort of badge of honour. You’re a hustler destroying your life to earn enough money so you can live indoors with no savings, fierce!


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