Gimp suit accidentally bought



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5-word scary stories (it's alive!)

I knew it, Mersanta is REAL!!!


MerSanta is fully prepared for global warming and the melting of the north pole.


This awesome picture is not quite complete without a trident.


“Accidentally.” Mmm-hmm.


I’ll accept this merman, but only under the conditions of crown, trident, and perhaps some beard-seaweed.


He just got the address mixed up. One for the wife, one for the girlfriend.


Exactly. He just outgrew his old one.


The Old Man from the Sea


But the sirens began to sound when he showed his daughter Piroska who informed him he had mistakenly bought a gimp costume instead.

And another merman faces the uncomfortable suspicion that his daughter may be leading a secret life he doesn’t wholly approve of.


“Now I become a merman. Cannot be a mermaid, I am not shaving off my beard of forty years, even for this!”

Not entirely related (also NSFW).


He should have just borrowed his son’s

Edit to add his cat:


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