Gimpsuited greenscreen fluffer flicks shampoo model's hair




I was always advised that you don’t tug on Superman’s cape.


“So, your resume says ‘visual effects and postproduction ninja’. Is ‘ninja’ one of those insufferable fads like ‘guru’ that abhuman self-promoters are using these days?”

Pause, awkward.

“No, sir, I’m literally trained in the subtle arts of visual effects concealment and the subtlest misdirection. In fact, I can hide even in plain sight by bringing harmony between my chroma-qi and the subcarrier phase.”


As it happens, the stereotypical ninja outfit probably comes from the traditional clothing of Japanese stagehands. By convention they’re treated as invisible while on stage, so when you need a ninja to strike out of nowhere there’s no better way to show that than to have the ‘invisible’ stagehand whip out a sword and attack the hero.


Wow, that’s really how they did Superman’s fluttering cape? Sometimes truth is more stupid-looking than I could possibly imagine


O hell yes! Where do I apply for this job? My lycra fetish and my hair fetish will at last be put to good use! And mommy said I would never amount to anything…


So this is how Whitey Bulger paid the bills when he was hiding out in Santa Monica. The perfect cover…literally.


I hope their official job title is ‘midichlorian’.


Now if only the Blue Man Group would fade into the background.


I’m sorry, what happened to fans again?


OT, but wow, how culturally tone-deaf. Don’t celebrities have people to clue them in to local customs and expectations when they travel?


So now, instead of ignoring shampoo commercials like always, I’m going to be scrutinizing them for signs of invisible background hair flippers like some conspiracy nut. Thanks Obama!





Damn I love that song. And Bad Leroy Brown.


I just realized how annoyed I would be to have a fluttering cape tied to my neck while I fly around.


According to the super hero costume designer in “The Incredibles”, capes are a very bad idea.


So it’s an invisible puppeteer?




The term “fluffer” also refers to a completely different functionary in film production as well.


Yeah, I’d go with ‘puppeteer’ on my resumé, given that ‘fluffer’ is already a Term of Art in certain branches of the film industry, which refers to a… somewhat different on-set job - which has been largely outmoded by modern pharmaceutical technology.

Now, the old-school ‘fluffer’ is, I suppose, a sort of an unseen special-effects technician =:-) , but it’s not the sort of thing most people would want listed in their IMDB credits.


That would be the same song.