Girl Scout sells homemade cookies to avoid controversial ingredient

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critics say unsustainable oil still likely finds its way into the supply chain

This is a problem with all certification programs and products. No, blockchain isn’t going to solve this.

But the certified sustainable (organic/free trade/rainforest friendly) is still better than the alternative.


Well done, this young person. If the Girl Scouts of America don’t want her, there will be a place in the Galactic Girl Guides.



So 528 cookies vs. 16 cookies.

My daughter got me a box of my favorite cookies, Tagalongs, I thought maybe she skimmed some off the top.

Probably a good thing because I would eat them all with a half gallon of milk but still, needs more cookies.


Stories about awesome kids like this give my pessimistic heart some hope for the future.


So, like nobody in corporate cares that palm oil is arguably the most unhealthy cooking oil available? This is the stuff that movie chains substitute for butter, and from what I understand is about 50% saturated fat and often is paired with the words, “partially hydrogenized”.

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That’s a great response. Everything I’ve read about the Girl Scouts over the past few years seems like they run a pretty great organization. There are so few social organizations for kids left that aren’t packed with predators and grifters that I hope GS really are one of the good ones.


Swap Tagalongs with Thin Mints, and you have me.

My running gag is that I’m going to buy a case of Thin Mints, put them in the deep freeze, and have a month-long supply. :rofl: :rofl:

And the official response from the Girl Scouts is… mwha. :chefs kiss:


They are.

One of my biggest parenting regrets is that I couldn’t find any troop within a reasonable distance when I was raising my girls — there was a local one started later, but they were already in middle and high school with other interests — and it would have been too many spoons to either schlep them long distances to be with girls they didn’t live near or go to school with or else become a scout leader myself.


It really is a great org. In America, Girl Scouts are the good ones. It’s a stark contrast to the creepy fundamentalist religious paramilitary cult that the Boy Scouts turned into. Yeesh.


Do you dunk your cookies in the milk? I’m a tea dunker; but I’ve never tried milk.

I do when they are cookies that will absorb the milk like Oreos or chocolate chip.

Tagalongs won’t suck up milk.


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Well, it has taken the primary place of “partially hydrogenated” vegetable oil in peanut butter since it is a solid at room temperature. I suppose it could be a naturally occurring source of that partially solid oil they are looking for, which I mean it’s natural so it can’t be bad right?.. I know the technical why partially hydrogenated oil is bad for you, but that JIF I grew up with was so smooth and creamy.

I can see a thin mint recipe mixing it with the chocolate coating to prevent it from melting in warmer temperatures, but I feel like there are other options that would work equally as well with just more expense. In the cookie itself? Just use butter or Crisco. Most industrial style cookies are some form of shortbread which is really just butter, sugar, and flour.

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Exactly why I would have bought the Scout’s homemade cookies. :man_shrugging:

I would have loved to buy cookies from her, just to support her. My daughter ran a homemade cookie sale to raise money for the rabbit rescue that fixed our buns. She raised over $160 for them. :blush:


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