New York City: Kick off the weekend by buying cookies from these homeless Girl Scouts


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Even better than buying cookies from them is to just hand some cash to the cookie seller as a donation. A troop keeps only 50 cents from each box sale but the entirety of donations.


Came here just to say this. Give a donation to directly support these kids.


Is there a way I can donate if I’m not in person in New York? Please?

Second option on the page



… keeping in mind that the actual experience of selling Girl Scout cookies might have its own value, like other scouting activities. In which case even better might be to buy a box of cookies and also make a donation.




And you get cookies.




This is awesome. Not so much the cookie-selling part of it, but that they’ve set things up so that these homeless girls can be part of a Girl Scout troop.


How the heck am I supposed to pig out on a general feeling of goodwill when I get home??


This is a very good thing, but it’s depressing that it’s necessary in the first place.

(Yes, I’m starting the weekend by being that guy.)


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