Girl wanted to keep a goat she bought from a county fair. They sent cops 500 miles to seize it and drag it off to be slaughtered

Omnivores are fucking WEIRD.

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I agree, but this is even worse. Late-stage capitalism is profit above all else, with zero regard for consequences or externalities. Since the family offered to compensate the county fair for their losses, they stood to lose nothing by accepting. Now they stand to lose whatever reputation for equity or kindness they may have had, which means they stand to lose future profits.

Much akin to the school administrators who refuse to let private citizens pay for school lunches, the cruelty isn’t incidental, it’s the point. They think that by grinding down kindness and compassion, they’re somehow bettering people. And there’s only one reason someone would do that, they lack compassion and can’t abide it in others.

So I’ll make them a deal. We can show them the same lack of compassion they’re so intent on drumming into 9 year-olds.


Also, this could be the first act of an A24 movie that ends with the Shasta County Fair administrators being transmigrated into the bodies of lambs at Shasta County Fair, ready to be fed to Republican state senators.

That’s good, although I’d be more in favor of sending Man-Ram after them.


It’s a core part of their belief system: I didn’t get anything special, so nobody else deserves anything special. Hard knocks all around. Student loan easement, equal rights, kindness…all needed by pussies who don’t want to suffer, too.

It’s an old puritanical refrain.


The Capitalized mindset has always been about making a profit at scale.


Clarice Starling. She gets things done.

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Ah. So, you haven’t seen the A24 film, LAMB (2021) yet.

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Connected to this, a lot of “free”-market fundies have very strong faith in the power of supposedly unbreakable contracts (as long as they’re the favoured or more clever party, of course). You see this in their vision of “smart contracts” as a core element of Web3, you see it in the repulsive view of some Libertarians that chattel slavery is perfectly fine as long as the enslaved party enters a voluntary agreement, and you see it in the Xtianist values of prosperity gospel (and Elon Musk shows how things work out in practise re: the Twitter purchase).

So they’re teaching this kid a cruel lesson straight from the Cult of Mammon, where money is power and vice-versa.


This seems like it was personal to someone: a merely self-interested agent wouldn’t have let the goat off for free; but would have had no reason to reject a buyer, regardless of their reasons.


He may be “affable” but the “farmer” part appears to be a lie.

That strikes me as another lie.


I get the contract part - but that clearly makes this a civil contract law issue - the state cannot arbitrarily resolve title and confiscate on behalf of a 3rd party, why are they even involved in a civil dispute?

If this came before my bench, and a party wished to make full financial restitution to break the contract, it would be pretty easy decision ( Ceteris paribus) - Unless of course the child was a party to the contract.


I think this is just bureaucracy. Each little cog was doing its job. It started at the top when the auction winner demanded his prize. And it ineluctably ended with goat meat in a freezer.


This is such a good point that I didn’t even think about until you pointed it out - cops don’t get involved in civil disputes at all - with a contract there is no ‘grand theft’ - the contract makes the entire thing a civil matter that the cops shouldn’t be involved with at all.

This gives me hope the girl and her family will be able to ‘teach the fair’ a lesson on how the law is meant to actually work, that said it’s a slim hope without a fantastic judge.


the cops shouldn’t be above the law in this either. they know the rules and they shouldn’t be breaking them because someone “important” asked them to do so.

( that they in fact break the rules for “important” people, or for themselves, or for no reason at all, and on the regular, is only proof that they need to be held accountable )


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Shasta County Fair, do more evil…


That’s bizarre to me. What’s the point of this methodology?

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