California police raid home under court orders to kill a 9-year-old girl's pet goat

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So… they thought calling a fucking SWAT team was going to bring them positive coverage on social media?




There are very good reasons for the fairgrounds to receive negative publicity over this and calling in law enforcement is not going to help

For fucks sake. Hire a decent PR person. They would have told these asshats that yes, letting this girl break the rules is the way to go on this. Besides, it is a valid and important lesson for these FFA kids to learn that no, they aren’t actually cut out for killing animals they raised. The Shasta County fairgrounds deserves all the hate they are receiving

That’s not even counting how barbaric the entire having-kids-raise-animals-for-slaughter is. There is a reason ranchers/famers raise herds and flocks of food animals. It’s a lot easier to stay detached if the animal is one of a 100. Giving these kids single or a few animals to raise, which they must do in a hands-on, highly interactive way, and then taking them for slaughter is a disgusting way to treat the children. It doesn’t help them grow as people or farmers. It just messes them up. Talk to some goddamned vets on how bad culling a herd or euthanizing a pet is for their mental health. Check out the suicide rate for vets.

Speaking of which- what kind of suck fuck pays a premium to kill and eat a child’s pet? Not just Cedar, but all the animals involved in these things.

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I’m looking forward to news of a boycott. Hitting folks like this in the wallet seems to be the only way to inflict pain. I’m sure they’d attempt to hide behind other kids, with more comments that it’s important to learn about following rules. My counter to that comes from this line commonly used by teachers, “Well, now you’ve ruined it for everyone.”


Seems more like a additional developments thing

Long has since filed a federal lawsuit against Shasta District Fair officials and the county, arguing it committed an “egregious waste of police resources” and violated her and her daughter’s 4th Amendment and 14th Amendment rights protecting them from unreasonable searches and seizures, and due process. Long and her attorneys allege the dispute was a civil matter she was willing to resolve.

Take every godsbedamned penny those officials have


This also sounds like an opportunity for their neighbors to weigh in on the issue. :thinking: Which would be more effective - old school shunning, or bleating whenever they appear in public? :imp:


Shunning for social events, no invites. Quiet bleating everywhere they go. Like, when their backs are turned on the cereal isle


I hope so. The thought that this is a regular occurrence is a bit disturbing.


Just bring up the subject of Death Panels… (hint, hint), that’ll scare the bejeezus out of them.


Howard and Beth Stern tried saving a pig back in January. Same thing, someone bought a pig at a fair auction and wanted to take it to their farm, the kid was paid, they learned about farming but the county said the pig still had to be slaughtered.

Google Bella the pig to read about it.


Armed with a search warrant, detectives drove more than 500 miles across Northern California in search of the goat.

Among all the other things wrong with this story, I just can’t wrap my head around how the county allocated resources this way to settle what should have been a civil dispute rather than a criminal one.

If I told the people in my county that a guy had reneged on a business deal and offered me financial compensation instead of going through with the prior arrangement I can guarantee their response would be “not our business, you’ll have to work that out in court.” But when some little girl’s pet goat needs some killin’ then then it’s time to cosplay Seal Team Six taking out Osama Bin Laden.


You’re nicer than me. I’d do it to their faces, instead of speaking English. If anyone asked me why, I’d whisper in their ears while gesturing at those mofos and giving them this look the entire time:

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I wouldn’t stop until they’d give up and go home.



I really don’t understand how this got so out of hand. When I was in 4-H there were animal programs where you would raise and then sell the animal at action. Usually. I know there were occasions where the family decided to keep the animal.

If they were willing to pay for the cost of the goat, I don’t see the reason why not? Put that in the contract in the future, where one can opt out of the auction at the end. I am not sure what lesson they are trying to teach other than brain dead, heartless bureaucracy of a county fair board.

The kid didn’t exactly sign up for any of this, at least according to the article, the parents are the ones who did. Maybe don’t enter a program where there isn’t an exit into keeping the animal. I know, one would reasonably think there would be an option to buy the animal at the end, but what if there isn’t?

And seriously - the police raid at the end? Come on, is that what you goons signed up for when you wanted to be a cop?


For the love of Christ what is wrong with these people? Were those “rules” carved into tablets? I hope the people behind this are very satisfied with themselves. They successfully beat a 9 year old kid into the ground.


Oh, I’d go with just loud enough to hear and in a way that can be denied if confronted. They deserve all the glares. But I would enjoy denying them a viable way to push back and making them doubt their sanity
I am not a very nice person


And earned themselves plenty of negative publicity in the process.


I read this story yesterday and it made me sad. To add insult to injury, apparently the guy who bought Cedar the goat at auction was cool with re-homing it with one of those goat-powered brush clearing outfits.

When I was in first grade I got a pet rabbit. I went to the library and checked out some books on rabbit care, one of which was from 4H. In addition to care and feeding of your bunny, the 4H book also gave instructions on how to kill it, complete with photos, which I was not really prepared for.


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