Glass screen protector for our Nintendo Switch


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When I gave my youngest a Switch for Christmas 2017…a screen protector was in his stocking to put on it. As was a nice case for it that he can play it while nestled in there.

The screen protector had a crack by the end of the week. :slight_smile:


Some days I miss having young kids around the house. But then I remember my oldest, when she was two, shoving a PB&J into the VCR because it looked hungry. And a Skittle up her nose, because it fit. And another time when she almost killed me with a penny hidden in her mouth. Then the feeling passes.


Dollar bill into the CD slot of an iMac.


Poking at the optics of a new PS1 with a fork…


Dropped my 3DS once, and I broke the lower screen – but the tempered glass screen protector kept the shards together, so that was something. (More precisely, it was the “digitizer” that fits over the lower screen and not the screen itself. Fortunately that is not a component that is difficult and costly to replace.)

I resisted screen protectors for the longest time because it’s so freakin’ impossible to apply them without getting dust underneath – but no, if you’re going to be rubbing a stylus all over something, you’re just one inconvenient piece of grit away from an indelible scratch.


Pro tip (or so I am told): Run the shower on hot, get a little steam in the room and then put your screen protector on. The steam gets all the dust out of the air, so apparently it is much easier to curl the protector on and avoid trapping dust. Of course, I was only told this after I’d trapped several bits of dust under mine.

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