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What’s the point? Aside from feeding the egos of these pop-scientists, it doesn’t seem to provide much scientific or safety information. It only seems to encourage the Shark Week fueled exploitation of great whites and feed people’s fear.



*Last ping: Feb 12 at 06:29 PM
*Did not surface long enough to get location

You know what’s going on there, right? Stayin’ outta sight! They’re on to us, man!



I could think of alternate uses…


There’s a whole east coast/west coast ha ha ha we don’t have any sharks on our beaches thing.


The furthest inland shark attack in the US was in Rahway NJ.

The furthest inland shark captured in the US was in Alton IL :scream:


Never be caught unawares by a shark again…

I know, right? That can be so embarrassing.


It must be Soviet Russia if Shark Catches You.


The Gateway Arch was originally a shark lookout.

Budget cuts.


wait…can these pings be hacked? i have a broken legrope and half a block of sex wax for anyone who can give tamarama beach a few pings for 5-metre great white sharks. that should clear the lineup.

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