Global Sriracha shortage threatens all life on earth, tastiness of all of the foods


Oh no, the world’s only hotsauce is disappearing forever. Better buy merctic shit-tonnes of it before Christmas comes!

As someone who really likes Heinz ketchup made with liquid sugar in the soon to close Leamington, Ontario plant, I feel your feels Sriracha lovers.


There’s nothing harmful about the sauce, reported the LA Times, but California State health inspectors want to hold the bottles for 30 days to ensure that no bad bacteria is present.

Gee, thanks for keeping me safe from Sriracha, California. This isn’t high risk stuff and you’re holding it to higher standards than you do meat?


Denton, TX is happy to take the tasty sriracha and have it manufactured here…

Our councilman has also reached out to them recently…

Sorry I can’t seem to be able to post a twitter link… so copy & paste that link

Wait till the hipsters find out about gochujang!

My son likes to drink that stuff straight from the bottle. A cold-turkey intervention may be a good thing.

Fuck’s sake, chillies are the last things to ever go mouldy in my fridge. And I’m pretty sure you can sterilise surfaces with sriracha.

Meh. Ghost peppers or go home.

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Any bacteria that can survive in Sriracha is a superior life form that is welcome to eat my flesh and dissolve my brain.

Leave a tasty corpse!

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I think the current and previous location involved proximity to crops so not sure How Denton would or would not work out from that point of view. I am surprised there have not been more offers form towns out there.

I bet it’s delicious on cold turkey, too.l

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By the way, no one care about this but Americans. Just sayin’


How many 28 oz bottles are in a shit-tonne?

This is America. We deal in shit-tons. Shit-tonnes are a European thing.


Boy, are you on the wrong blog.


Denton’s not the only city on the make. Philadelphia too.

I like you guys, I just find it amusing when there’s something that is clearly America-centric being described as a “global shortage … threatening all life on earth” :slight_smile:

I also am perplexed why people are so crazy for it… it’s hot sauce. Any asian grocer will have 3 sauces that are similar or better.

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i lived in Beijing for 3 years, still thought the Sri was the best…

Are you American? Because that would support my accusation.