Global trumpism: how India's brutal leader manufactures reality with trumped-up "polls"

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you know, I can see future historians being very confused about the origin of that term


If we are in fact living in a post-truth world, we may as well just retcon that while we can.


One thing to add to your useful round-up of shared characteristics is Fareed Zakaria’s concept of “illiberal democracy.” Getting people to vote away core democratic institutions is something we’re seeing again and again.

Which is to say, it’s not lies but bullshit – something that happens to be a speciality of a certain life-long grifter.

This kind of monetary control is one of the red flags I’m watching for in the U.S. over the next four years. The idea that the U.S. would use the mechanism of cutting off remittance payments to Mexicans from relatives in the U.S. (documented or not) to force Mexico to pay for the border “wall” has already been floated by #newpresident. He plans to modify the Patriot Act to make it legal on the basis of combatting terrorism.

Now imagine what he’d do with that precedent in the not unlikely case that his version of supply-side voodoo (pork-barrel infrastructure spending for GOP cronies combined with yuge tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations) leads to an inflationary spiral and economic disaster in a few years. Getting American polls to show majority support for extreme controls on individuals’ money leaving the country will be easy enough, as Sir Humphrey demonstrates in the video. Those kinds of exit controls are also a powerful tool that authoritarian regimes (left-wing and right-wing) use to prevent persecuted groups and dissidents from leaving the country.


Every word here is true, but I wish you wouldn’t bury it in hyperbole. I suppose other writers are saying the same things seriously.


" . .If you are as worried as I am about Trump, you are fighting the same thing that the Turks who are fighting Erdoğan, . . ."
There, Cory, I fixed that for you.

We don’t yet have a name for these powers yet, in the same way that the early 1930s didn’t have a name for the “Axis powers” and even today it’s hard to pin down exactly what the Axis was – a military alliance, an ideological fraternity, a marriage of convenience – and who was and wasn’t a part of the Axis.

How about ‘Axis of Weasels’?


But that’s disparaging to weasels!


Oh! I thought you said Global Trumpetism.


I don’t like labels, I’m a Capricorn.


Which is so, so much worse. The truth isn’t just discarded but irrelevant. Not only that, but bullshit is “of the moment” and quickly forgotten the next. tRump himself can’t remember what he’s said. ( ) He changes positions all the time because his positions are bullshit, so you never know what he’s going to do, making him difficult to counter.

Axis of Bullshitters, more like.


You might find this On the Media interview interesting. In it linguist George Lakoff describes some strategies for countering #newpresident’s flood of BS.


The Jackpot is likely coming. :-/

And if you haven’t read William Gibson’s The Peripheral yet, do yourself a favor. I hate to say it, but its bleak outlooks seem like they are exactly where we are going, as of now.


##Agreed, but…

While some of your points are valid, there is simply no evidence to show that majority of Indians are displeased with the demonitisation. On the contrary, most polls show that the common man wants to stick it to the rich guy and is generally in favour of the popular move.

Also, please don’t resort to sexing up your article by referring to Modi as a ‘war criminal’, you are merely diluting the seriousness of war crimes.

Modi has been acquitted by courts and special investigation teams that found no evidence of his culpability or inaction during the riots. No need to beat a dead donkey of an issue.

Patriotism is a disease and nationalism is unhealthy, but the article’s hyperbole is cringeworthy.


Hey! Trumpism?

Man, we’ve been in the post-truth world since at least 2014 - actually a bit more than that. But noooo… It has to be Trump 'cause Trump is American!

What’s with all this cultural appropriation, dude? Not cool!



MODI isn’t a war criminal. The Gujarat Riots were not his fault. If you want to know what a true war crime is, then read this…

MODI has no signs of corruption. He lives in poverty so that he could see others get rich unlike Trump who can do anything to get and stay rich.

MODI respects women and hasn’t gotten married because he has too much work to do for his own country. MODI works for about 12 hours a day. Trump is a sexual abuser.

MODI started to demonetization the Indian currency to eliminate corruption from India. Trump himself is corrupt.

Stop propagating wrong information to the public. Also, look into your own government’s corruption instead of pointing fingers at others. The US still hasn’t payed Vietnam for the war crimes it committed so far.


“Republicanism” is the word you’re looking for. For decades the Republican party has been seeking a messiah to “emancipate” the poor billionaires from their slavery and allow them to start making some real cash. Bonus points for reducing the population of darker-skinned countries and cultures. These people aren’t Nazis; they deserve their own special word that will be reviled throughout history. That word is “Republicans.”


“The leader works tirelessly for the people” is a standard propaganda trope for authoritarians and dictators.

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You link to a wikipedia article on the 2002 Gujarat riuots.
Paragraph three: 'In 2012, Modi was cleared of complicity in the violence by a Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed by the Supreme Court of India. The SIT also rejected claims that the state government had not done enough to prevent the riots.[12]‘
Why do you casually descend to the levels of sub-Fox fake newsers? Perhaps a journalism course is in order or else some kind of readers’ editor as newspapers such as the Guardian employ.


Except the intro where he calls Modi a war criminal despite the authority he links to specifically contradicting this.
It so undermines any credibility in the rest of the article, I guess he’s relying on his audience wither being fanboys or not interested enough to check any of his links.