Gloria Steinem and the CIA

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Well fuck. I had zero idea about any of that. Guess I haven’t paid close enough attention to Ms. Steinem beyond her work for the women’s movement. I find it truly fucked up she worked as a CIA asset providing them intel on youth movement members, especially in that time period when the CIA and FBI focused a lot of time [edit] and effort on disrupting leftist groups, sometimes violently. Guess my anger at her in 2016 for chiding young women who supported Bernie wasn’t so misplaced.


She told Leonardo diCaprio to quit American Psycho, though, a small mercy. Even when she’s wrong, she’s right!


Pottinger. Hmm, why is that name so familiar? Oh yeah…

His son, Matthew is this guy:

Who courageously resigned (but not actually) on Jan 6th after dutifully serving as a direct report to trump engaging in all manner of fuckery in SE Asia.

The ties between Nixon and trump are deep.


…um, because she’s Christian Bale’s step-mother?

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  3. I learned something new.

  4. The rare, OOP books and pamphlets make me want to go looking for them. I bet there are examples on some dusty shelf at an estate sale, or old school used book store.


capitalism is for the dogs.

oh. wait. you said seriously. well, you don’t want to run out do you? so… more for everyone else. :cat2:


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