Go and vote


Welcome to America, Rob. And holy cow did you pick a time to sign up!

I’m sticking it out for the same reason as @nemomen; family I gotta look after. But as they make their exit plans, be sure to thank the Mutants from America who tried to save the Republic.

And to all of them: Don’t blame you a bit. Light a candle for me. I’ll do my best to fight for a country you can return to, but if it doesn’t work out, up to you to keep the other end of the underground railroad humming. (Really wish that was more of a joke.)

ETA: Also don’t blame third-party voters. Third-party candidates, yes. Voters, no.


could be frying pan -> fire. the CSU (sister party of Merkel’s CDU) is trying to pass the right-wing AfD on the right. the new party platform is horrible


Don’t say that…Germany is on the short list for us.


WTF has happened to voter in booth number 3? Did he press the wrong button, or has he been declared a Non-person and airbrushed out of history?


It will still be a damn sight better than what is going to happen here.


The partner I live with and I just had a breakfast conversation about “What do we do now? Where, if anywhere, do we move?” Our short term thought is we don’t think there’s really anywhere we could go that’s far enough. At best, we’d buy some time, but we’re all fucked now. As many in the Trump elected president thread said, this is a global disaster, although you’re right, it’ll be here first.


In the beginning the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry, and been widely regarded as a bad move.

The one silver lining is that in four years, Elizabeth Warren will probably still be a viable candidate. She might not have been in eight.


Assuming, of course, that she isn’t purged as an enemy of the state at some point.


Guys, seriously, if someone states publicly and repeatedly that they don’t want to run for the presidency, then we have to believe them.

Like it or not, we have to choose from the list of people who DO want to run for the office.

Besides, we need level heads who are ethical in every aspect of government, not just the top spot.


JFC, I shudder to think that Nixon’s enemies list will seem like a day in the park compared to what is to come.


I was thinking that the Electoral College is all that stands between us and chaos, but they’d have prices on their heads if they make the rational choice rather than the conventional one.



Sure. If you’re white, male, straight, and Christian, it won’t be a disaster. The rest of us, not so much.


Glad someone is getting a laugh out of this.


I didn’t mean the people who voted for Dumpf…they are a lost cause.


I don’t know… some of the other election threads here just feel like a circular firing squad, with people on the left blaming each other for all this.


Come on over, there’s like 6 legal stores within 3 miles of my house.


I refuse to write off 60 million people — nearly 20% of the population of the USA — as a “lost cause.”

Derek Black broke from the ideology of hate, despite his father being one of the biggest purveyors of that hatred. If anyone should have been written off as a lost cause, it would have been him. It can be done.

It won’t be easy, but I believe it can be done.


Well if it’s any consolation, it looks like Clinton won the popular vote. How many times has this happened to the left? How many times have we lost the electoral college and won the popular vote? Fuck, maybe this will finally be the motivation we need to fix this broken system, but probably not.


I’m still in shocked zombie mode, but I hope to be where you are within a week.

Except I’ve got to face all my Trump supporting relatives repeatedly this holiday season, so it might take until January. Oh, wait, the inauguration. February…definitely February. Black History Month, perfect.