God is using Donald Trump as a "tool" says enlightened MAGA woman (video)

They believe that anybody, even a sinner, can be an unconscious instrument of God’s will. That is how Trump can be godly even though they know that he is ungodly and an unrepentant sinner.


The pretzel logic is still mindblowing though… when you inject God into the logic you can justify anything! No one knows God’s will so everything is God’s will when you want it to be and when you don’t it’s the devil’s…



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It gets extra weird when you realize Trump ticks so many boxes on the common checklists for an Antichrist.


Good help is hard to find these days. Even God has had to lower Her standards it seems.


I’m perplexed by that also. Somehow people were so convinced it was Obama I think they believe Trump is actually the second coming I guess, and some others I think maybe see lucidly what a mockery Christ-Emperor Trump’s WWE-Themed HRE Revival Tour has made of their faith but don’t have the integrity to admit their part in it or simply were grifters from the start.


God’s emissary /S

What a tool!

So America is the only nation that exists on earth. Get real, bigot. I’m sure what he considering Americans is not the same as mine. The relationship between Tr*mp and MAGAs is parasitic and codependent. They both use each other. It would be funny to see them destroy each other if not for everyone else becomes collateral damage.


Touche. I would not take specific offense to the slogan “Make America Great”, or even “Make America’s Future Great”. But MAGA, yuck. It’s the inclusion of the word “again” that sticks in my craw. What I hear when someone says “Make America great again” is “Make life great again”. What a depressing and backwards sentiment. To me, anyone endorsing MAGA is inhabiting a fantasy world wherein the past can be revived (I think not) and that the past is indeed worth reviving. It’s propaganda that exploits nostalgia, not “history”. Nostalgia fetishizes “history” by extracting, isolating, and revering the appealing parts of the past, and discarding the many unpleasantries. Nostalgia has style, but no substance. I often recall a short story I read as a child, where a girl has an exceptionally great day. Towards the end of that day she encounters a genie who grants her one wish. Considering how great her day was, she requests to relive it. She wakes up the next morning, and her wish is granted, she relives her great day. As the day progresses and with fresh eyes the girl now sees the many overlooked flaws in her “perfect” day…hurt caused by her callous remarks, awards and accolades received due to technicalities not merit, remarks taken as compliments actually sarcasm, etc. And, of course the wish request was part of that great day, so she relives the day over and over and over…

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This is absolutely standard right-wing evangelical eschatological thinking. All things are justified if they move towards the return of Jesus Christ and the establishment of His Kingdom on Earth. Trump went a long way towards proving he was the instrument of God by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem; something they perceive as an important step to rebuilding the temple, which is necessary for the second coming and the end of the world. It does not matter one fuck who Trump is, how he behaves, or what he believes so long as he is an instrument towards this end.


Do not tempt me!



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