God is using Donald Trump as a "tool" says enlightened MAGA woman (video)

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No, that’s just stupidity.
But, he is a tool, so she’s 25% right, which is statistically worse than a lucky guess.


“But … But the real problem is with intolerant leftists who are making fun of this woman’s deeply held values and community consensus. We should instead be giving her ideas a fair hearing. In conclusion, stop hitting yourself, progressives.”


No… This is not stupidity.

This is America Excepcionalism. Divine Manifesto. The same stuff that made Americans claims they have a right for everything “from Bravo River down below” (and we all saw what happened when America enforced this in 1960s: Pinochet, Strossner, Geisel, Operation Condor… All this “nice” stuff)


God is all about America? You have to be incredibly ignorant about both your country’s history and the teachings of your professed religion to say something that ridiculous. Where would you even start with this person?

Is this what happens when you keep rejecting and rationalizing every idea that conflicts with your worldview? Do you have to work hard to keep that dissonance at bay or does it just happen?

Horrible thought: I must be doing the same thing. Nah. I would know it. Right?




Well, I’m Brazilian, born on the death rattle of our US-Backed dictatorship time, and have all reasons to not be okay with this idea.

I’m only showing how American Excepcionallism and Divine Manifesto is used to show US as the World’s Sheriff.


Even if a god was using Trump as a tool, there is such a thing as having the right tool for the job.

God probably uses chisels as screwdrivers


Imagine how this must make Mike Pence feel. He devoted his whole life to narrow-minded Christian zealotry, and suddenly he’s on the side of evil, because he didn’t do what God’s Chosen Tool told him to do. Whereas serial pussy-grabber Donald Trump, a man who doesn’t even know which way up the Bible goes, is God’s representative on Earth. That’s gotta sting.

Of course if you take the view that everything is part of God’s Plan, then why stop at Donald Trump? Antifa is working for God! Hamas is working for God! Jackhammer Jill, the Boing Boing mascot, is working for God, helping bring about the Divine Plan according to some inscrutable recipe that only He knows!


I’m pretty sure one of the 10 Commandments is “Thou Shalt Not Take The Lord’s Name in Vain.” Now, I realize people like this woman think that means you’re not supposed to say words like shit, fuck, and goddamnit, but it doesn’t. It means, you don’t know what the fuck God wants, so don’t stick his name on shit that’s just stuff you want. Now, I’m an atheist, so I don’t actually believe any of that anyway, but I think it would be a good idea if people stopped pretending that their own personal agendas are actually their God’s.


I completely agree. DJT is a tool.


Exactly. Didn’t their chosen Dear Leader say he loves the uneducated? Every story like this that makes the news demonstrates why he said it.

Yeah, he’s in the club with Evangelical leaders getting outed and ousted for their abusive/immoral/illegal activities. They thought supporting 45 would benefit them, but ignored his history of throwing people under the bus and being generally uncontrollable. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Being God, he does at least put an edge back on them afterwards.

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It’s all part of god’s design.

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I’m working of god right now!


Sure. That’s why 12 kids die each day to gun violence here. They shouldn’t have made fun of that bald guy.
These people’s god is a real asshole.


There’s this belief too floating in the water like typhoid:

In Christian eschatology, the Antichrist refers to people prophesied by the Bible to oppose Jesus Christ and substitute themselves in Christ’s place before the Second Coming

I’m certain to some degree this informs people’s beliefs whether they realize it or not because so many of us were exposed to the contagion.


"What God meant to say, was… "

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I know that there’s always a lot of projection and self-delusion going around MAGALand, but to hold the belief that Trump is godly in any way, after everything the man has said and done, is just mindblowing to me.