Godfather of Gummy Bears dies at 90


Dentists world-wide are mourning…

And at his funeral, he’ll be stuffed in a plastic sack by stoners, his bin number scribbled on the twistie tag, and be dropped just short of the grave while they argue over whether or not to just stuff him under their coats and make a break for it.


It’s hard to break this to the kids.


AND… he even looks like a gummy bear

It’s the decades of exposure to gummy DNA. We are all lucky he didn’t live to 150 and become the gummy Shadow over Innsmouth.


I really liked the evil gummy bears in the first Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie.

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“The company he ran was founded in 1946”?

Really? The article linked to—not to mention the Haribo website—says it was founded by his father in 1920.

“gum arabic was the original base ingredient for the candy, which led to its name”?

So gum arabic is why they were first named “Dancing Bears,” as noted in the article, and are now known as “Gold-Bears”?

Master of the art of gummi

He donored his bones to the company (according to the German magazine Titanic)

That’ll save a horse then.


I assume it went like this:

Fruchtgummi/Weingummi (Gum candy/Wine gum) was invented around the 1880.

Haribo created a branded variant called “Tanzbären” (Dancing bears) in 1922.

Those got dubbed “Gummibären” in the vernacular, making it impossible to trademark the name later.

So they went with “Goldbären”, to emphasize that they are the original.


Actually, the company name comes from Riegel’s, combined with where he founded it: HAns RIegel, BOnn.


I’m partial to Swedish fish.

Thanks Obamacare.

He’s with the Great Gummis now

The expression changed in 2007? I can’t say I ever noticed them having much of an expression at all.

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