Dune recreated with gummi


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I must not eat. Candy is the teeth killer.

Bless the Baker and all His Water. Bless the sugar mixed in by Him, May His candy sweeten the world.

The puns must flow!


Reins? He ditched the maker hooks and used reins? Does he think it’s a gummi horse?


Doon. Arruckus. Dessert Planet.

Steak for dinner sometime soon. Boffo!


This is a counterpart to the previously discussed pastry Shai Halud.


And yes, a gummi critter is the perfect scale for it.


It’s the mahdi, Muad’dib, the little gummi bear on the second moon.


-1 for having clouds, but still awesome.
Also might have dusted the ground with cinnamon.

I always thought Gom Jabbar sounded like a type of jaw breaker.


…after first surviving the Gum Jabbar.


Dunkin’ Idaho

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