Gold Nokia 3310 with Putin's portrait on it

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I got my Conspicuous Consumption at Consumers Are Heroes and my life has already turned for the better!! Why, I don’t know what else I might’ve done with that $4k that would so improve the quality and character of my time on the planet. A lock of trump’s hair? Maybe a first installment of the “Ivanka trump TV Leedership Class”? Perchance Sean Spicer’s $4k “Spicey Suit Kullection” with your choice of American or Russian Federation flag stitched into the liner (initial $4k gets you the vest, further articles of clothing have TBD costs)?

The choices. So very many choices.


Wait… Vlad gets the hot new Nokia 3310 but our fearless leader gets an iPhone 7? SAD!

Opulence. I has it.

For the trump makeover:

Caviar iPhone 7
Supremo Trump Changeover

The design of the smartphone is a composition covered with gold and embodied in the form of volumetric engraving depicting the portrait of Trump himself and the coat of arms of the United States, as well as the slogan with which Trump won: Make America Great Again.

This phone is an expression of hopes for rapprochement between Russia and the United States and the fact that Trump’s benevolent words about Russia will be followed by actions that will lead to a change in relations between the great powers for the better.

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I guess @beschizza’s love of the black and gold knows no bounds :wink:

But won’t the gold set off orifice scanners when I shove it up my ass and try to smuggle it into prison?

They totally should have gone with the domain name


When you get to the point of buying gilded tat like this haven’t you developed enough boorish self-overconfidence to at least go for your own face?

Some people. You just can’t decide whether daddy beat them too much, or not enough, when they were growing up.

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Trying to get but fat fingered the address.


“Let’s dail this”

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