GoldRush: gold sculptures of things we treat as precious, by artist Črtomir Just

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I like that splashy coffee one quite a bit. I remember doing similar stuff with the gold texture using some early Amiga modeling tool just for the hell of it, though admittedly at a much lower skill level with less artistic value. But I have to say I’m imagining these being sold in the form of actual sculptures instead of just renders for some ludicrous value multiplier in Dubai or on 5th Avenue to the parvenu-rich and somehow that detracts from the simple esthetic pleasure in contemplating the work.

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The contrast between the almost baroque smoke and minimalist cigarette is rather nice, too.


We treat gummi bears as precious? I mean, sure, they’re great, but…


I can’t understand.

Looking at the actual pieces, it’s not about precious objects, so much as a much more simplistic visual pun on prosaic objects that are given the brand name ‘gold’ (Kodak Gold, Magnum Gold, Malboro Gold, and Haribo Goldbars gummi bears).

The write-up also seems confused as to whether these are sculptures or prints, despite it being clearly stated that these are 2D prints of 3DS MAX renders.


Thank you… I suppose I’ve just never internalized that particular reference to Gummi Bears. Now that you mention it, I guess I’ve seen the “gold” mentioned on them before.

excellent observation, makes much more sense now.

The word you mean is “Goldbären” (plural) or “Goldbär” (singular) (german for Goldbear(s)) - got nothing to do with bars of gold. But you’re right though - still contains the word “gold”.

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