Good deal on allen wrench double set

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I bought this exact set over a decade ago and it has served me well. I paid $17.95 for these in 2008 so the price today is very good.


Man, talk about timing! I was just thinking I’d really like to switch to ball-end wrenches.

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this is a great set, they are strong, and accurate. - and thats a solid price! smokin!

I’m ah, here for the Deadpool jokes. Because he has a hobby assembling IKEA stuff with his blind housemate, and that’s not quite it.
I didn’t always have the strength to dual-wield allen wrenches; I had to get into string figures first.
I’m still interested in itemizing, but your cubicles here are all about 1 1/2 turn loose if I have to leave before 5.<–near miss? Of what, tho?
I’m gonna put mine in a diamond anvil to make them star-wrench size and replace the battery on my Zire72.
If you put your speaker casings together with allen wrenches, all music can be acid rock. Except kazoo.
Who was it leary of joining the Borg? We made an escape room you’d like!

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