Good deal on my current favorite tea: Darjeeling


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Really one of the best types of teas out there. Floral, fresh. So good.



Twinnings Loose Leaf Earl Grey is the best! And you can actually see the bergamot oil (man, that’s a lot) floating around in the cup.


Mark should try more Assams, imo.


Twinings is decent, but my favourite Earl Grey blend is this little number:

They do sell internationally as well.


I’m a tea addict. I’ll try it!!


I just liked everyone’s comments so far. Even if they were contradictory. Yes is more.

I’m rediscovering my love of teas.



The orthodox leaf:water ratio for a black Darjeeling is 5g:250mL, which yields a fragrant and invigorating cup. You’re doing it right, Mark. Not that I need to tell you this–your nose and tastebuds have already confirmed as much.


Pu’erh is by far my favorite tea, but I like strong flavors in tea.


I go through phases but Assam is my usuall fall back.

In fact, now that all that internet obsession with bacon has subsided and I can bear to think about bacon again, it’s time to get back to the most bacon-like of all teas: Lapsang Souchon. If you have never tried it, it combines the flavour of tea with the smell of a house that’s just burnt down, in much the same way that chipotles do to jalapeños.


Come on, you seriously start a tea thread with a bagged CTC broken?

SFTGFOP. 2nd flush. Darjeeling. Mangalam.

And don’t get me started on the water.


LS is an acquired taste. Novices should start with a very minor purchase, 25g might last for a full year. Have you tried it with milk and rock sugar? Interesting, to say the least…

BTW, I used to drink a freshly brewed glass every now and then at my old lab. More than once, people commented on the smell. From “Is something smoldering in your computer?” to a bewildered “Whoa, is that Laphroig you’re drinking?” the unacquainted visitors were mostly worried about my health…


So would you say the offer on this Darjeeling is…limited?


A good Assam is quite nice. More brisk. I liked to add a bit of elder flower to my assam.

But my favorite combo that I came up with was mixing Lapsang Souchong (spell check does not like those words) with Earl Grey. People thought I was nuts but I was vindicated years later when Marriage Freres in Paris was selling a “Smokey Earl Grey.”

I’ve gotten out of the tea habit ever since I switched to butter coffee.

For a real hardy cup of tea, try Peet’s Pride of the Port. They have rebranded their tea line to The Might Leaf and hopefully they haven’t skimped on ingredients. But if you’re out and about and need a boost, try that one.


Have you considered unrefined coconut oil? I hear it eases the caffeine crash.


I’ve been waiting six weeks, and Rob still hasn’t managed to post [his preference] (Barry’s tea is pretty great) to the front page.


I really miss Stash Exotica Silver Jasmine tea. I wish I could find something like it. Unfortunately a lot of jasmine tea has a steep (heh heh) price and I’m not inclined to buy them all to figure out which one I like best.


Lapsang souchong is perfect for those moments when I want to pretend I am camping.


I like this one, I’ve found it in international grocery stores.

They make an actual Earl Grey, but this one has bergamot in it, so I’m not sure what the difference is.


I remember really liking this one, but can’t remember when I’ve found any:
Alter Eco Fair Trade Organic Black Tea, Darjeeling, 20-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6)