Good deal on the classic Huntsman Swiss Army knife

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I’ve always loved the Victorianox Swiss Army knives.
I’ve carried my Camper nearly every day for 25 years. I prefer the woodsaw over the tiny scissors.


Always get the one with the corkscrew.


Here’s the difference – the Huntsman has a corkscrew instead of a Phillips-head screwdriver.

You can only have one or the other, and since you have to choose…

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Certain models give you both. The Explorer has a corkscrew and also the (more useful) in-line Phillips driver. But the small screwdriver on the end of the can opener is explicitly designed to fit Phillips screws, so the corkscrew is the logical choice in most cases, not to mention that it can hold the little eyeglass screwdriver.


The Explorer doesn’t have a saw, so that’s right out. Victorinox does have devices with both, but since you can’t actually wrap your hand around them, I’m forced to consider them very small and un-ergonomic work benches.


That sounded wrong to me (unless you have Trump-sized hands of course, in which case fair enough) so I had a look.

My, Victorinox knives really have changed since I was a nipper.

But still, I present for your consideration:

Corkscrew, saw and Phillips screwdriver. 25.5mm wide which doesn’t seem too bad.

The “Champ” is a bit silly, I’ll grant you. :slight_smile:


It’s a bit of a handful.

For me, a five-layer knife like this is clumsy to use. Part of the problem is that the knife blades are way off-center in the handle. For dexterity, a two- or three-layer knife is best. Four is about the most I would consider.

For pocket carry, I don’t like anything bigger than two layers, or three or four in a jacket pocket or bag.

That’s not a knife…


I’ll grant you the photo makes it look like there should be a little pic of Godzilla next to it for scale.


And what’s with the torch?

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That’s the “lite” part (lite as in emitting photons, not as in weight) as opposed to the plain Huntsman. Because of that extra layer, they could fit in the Phillips screwdriver.


Wait, is that a bread knife between the pliers and the screwdriver?

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It’s a serrated blade that shows up on some of their picnic models. The knife pictured is the “one of everything” SwissChamp XAVT.

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The right size flathead screwdriver (like the one on the can opener) will open anything the actual Phillips head screwdriver will, at least once.

A corkscrew, though, is another matter entirely.

Looks like the price is up to $29 now.

Spend a few bucks more, and get one of the larger models with a locking blade, like the one I carry:

Your fingers may thank you some day.

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